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Our Process


Your decision to renovate or remodel is the beginning of an exciting process! Daybreak Renovations knows that your home is one of your greatest assets and ensures that we will treat it as if it were our own. Knowing what to expect before beginning your home renovation or remodeling project will enable construction to run efficiently as well as alleviate the many questions and concerns that you may have. Below is an overview of our process from consultation to completion.


From the start, Daybreak Renovations aims to establish a relationship of trust which is necessary to ensure an enjoyable remodeling experience as well as a successful project.  You may initially contact us by phone, email or through our “Contact Us” web page. 

Many clients choose to obtain home equity loans to fund all or part of their renovation.  We recommend discussing your options with a lender in advance so that you will be prepared with a preliminary budget for your project.   Lenders typically require plans and a contract to close the loan and any loans should be closed prior to starting construction on your home.  We would be happy to recommend a lender if you have not already made a selection.

We will schedule an Initial Consultation and Walk Through to:  assess your property; discuss your vision, tentative budget and schedule; establish project objectives;  take measurements and preliminary photographs; and evaluate renovation options that will fit your lifestyle and budget.  Please provide us with drawings, photographs, samples, etc. to be incorporated into your renovation design and/or to give us a better understanding of your personal style.  Please feel free to ask questions-  about our experience, our vision, our process, etc.

Plan Design 

Your project is unique and may encompass various levels of design, engineering and planning.  Larger scale renovations, such as an addition, may require detailed architectural plans, engineering and/or design services all of which are available through Daybreak Renovations.

Project Planning

Upon approval of architectural plans (if required), we will develop a Scope of Work to integrate your project specifications and/ or all required architectural plans, engineering and/or designer services.  Once the Proposal and Scope of Work have been developed, we will present them for your review.  Upon acceptance of the Proposal and Scope of Work, Daybreak Renovations and you, the Homeowner, will enter into a GHBA Remodeling Contract.  With your approval of the contract, we will start construction.


The Project Manager will maintain the Construction Schedule and provide updates throughout the construction process.  Please note that the availability of special order items and materials may impact the schedule.  During the construction process you will be required to make selections for your finishes which may include flooring, paint, cabinets, light and/ or plumbing fixtures, etc.  Many clients choose to make these decisions on their own while others prefer to work with a designer.  You may retain an independent designer or request designer services through Daybreak Renovations.  

We understand that the construction process is an exciting but potentially stressful time.   Daybreak Renovations strives to minimize stress by establishing a relationship of open and honest communication and delivering a quality product that is built to stand the test of time.  Your Project Manager is available to address any questions and/or concerns that may arise and looks forward to working with you to ensure your total satisfaction.


As your home renovation project nears completion, your Project Manager will inspect the property, schedule a Walk Through to discuss the work that has been completed and create a list of any outstanding action items.  Once all of the outstanding action items have been addressed, your home will be considered complete.

Now you may relax and enjoy your new space!  We hope that you invite your family and friends over to see the amazing transformation and that you will consider us for your future home renovation and remodeling projects.  Our satisfied clients will always be our best form of advertising which is why we strive to be as efficient as possible while maintaining superior quality and providing “A Higher Standard of Personal Service.”