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Build on your lot

Build on your lot

Are you looking for that perfect piece of land? Do you own your land and need help designing your new house plans? Sometimes the building process can feel complicated and you don’t know where to start. The planning, conception and design, budgeting and financing, color and material selections, and construction to move in can seem overwhelming. Daybreak can help with all of your building needs. We can simplify the process because of our experience working with homeowners to plan, design, and build their dream home by guiding them through every stage. Whether it be finding your lot or acreage, designing and building a home on the property you already own, or designing and building your dream home on one of our handpicked lots, we know what it takes to satisfy  and exceed your expectations.

 Step by Step

1. Consultation

In our first meeting, we want to get to know you and make you feel comfortable with us. We want to discuss your needs and your desires. What are the most important things to you? We’ll discuss your location and time frame for building. What type of amenities would you like? We will We will design a plan based on your budget to ensure you are getting the most you can possibly get for your money.

2. Preliminary Design

We are going to take all of the information you gave us in the consultation, combine that with our expertise, and develop a one of a kind custom home plan. The first plan will be a preliminary plan from which we can discuss room size and locations, cabinets, flooring, windows, and other important details about your plan. We don’t just focus on the obvious aesthetically pleasing architectural elements, but we think about things such as critical dimensions for bedrooms and closets, proportional ratios of dining room, study, kitchen, and living rooms, installing the appropriate amount of lighting and lighting options, and the optimal house layout for your property. We not only consider the home that you will be living in but also your future property value should you decide to sell down the road.

3.  Financing

Based on the changes we will be making to your preliminary plan and the amenities you have chosen, we will be able to generate the price and specifications for your home along with the allowances for selecting your finishes. Upon agreeing to the price, specifications, and allowances we can point you to our financial institutions for competitive construction loan and mortgage quotes. We recommend using our lenders because we know how they work, they know how we work, there are no surprises, and this can save you time and money. We are however, happy to work with the lender of your choice.

4. Final Plan Design

At this point we are nearing construction. We will be doing many things for you behind the scenes including ordering soils tests, detailing and finalizing your plans, setting your construction schedule, and upon completion of plans, engineering the foundation, frame, and obtaining the required permits. We go over every detail of the final plan to make sure you are getting everything you want. Any last minute changes will be amended and upon approval we are ready to move forward with breaking ground on your new home and starting the color and material selections.

5. Colors and Materials

Let the fun begin. Your new home is under construction and you get to choose the many things that make your house unique, beatiful, and custom. Your allowances will dictate most of these finishes. An allowance is a dollar for dollar amount that is set for you to spend at our various showrooms.
You will not be paying retail for these items. We are passing our wholesale pricing on to you. So you will be getting more for your dollar when you choose your selections. These allowances can be adjusted by you at any point.
Any overages are paid by you and amounts under the allowance will be credited to you and can be used for other items or simply refunded to you. There are many things to think about such as flooring, countertops, light fixtures, and door hardware to name a few.
But don’t worry. We have an in house designer that can guide you with each selection. The designer can do as much or as little as you want. If you are one that likes to shop and do it all yourself or if yoou like to sit back and just approve items selected for you by the designer,
we are flexible. There is no pressure to get this all done at once. We are going to let you know step by step in advance when we need individual selections to help facilitate a smooth building process.

6. Moving In

Depending on the size and detail of your home, construction times will vary. Typical building times run from 5-6 months for most homes under 5000 sqft, 7-12 months for homes 5000-8000 sqft, and 12 plus months for homes over 8000 sqft. This is a general guide and can obviously be delayed during early construction by bad weather, special order items, and other factors. At any point during the construction process, you will have a direct number to our owners.We welcome your phone calls and email. There is no “red tape.” All questions and concerns will be answered and addressed. At completion of your home, your builder and our third party warranty company will be walking the home with you.
This is to educate you on all of the working parts and maintenance, as well as to inspect for any final details that need to be addressed. We are now ready to hand over the keys to your custom home.
With Daybreak as your builder, you should feel assured that your home is of the highest quality and with Daybreak as your friend, we will be expecting an invitation to the house warming party.